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Help "Open The Doors" Philoptochos Center of Philanthropy

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National Philoptochos President Aphrodite Skeadas announced the new Philoptochos Center of Philanthropy campaign that coincides with the new Ecclesiastical Year.  Look for the new brochure, video and a targeted nationwide drive.

We need everyone’s help to “Open the Doors” to the Philoptochos Center of Philanthropy.  Campaign Strategy Phase I generated $1.3Million toward the $4Million goal that is needed to purchase a permanent headquarters in New York City.  Funds were received from major donors, individuals, friends, the Metropolis of Chicago and the Metropolis of Detroit fundraisers, Members and Chapters.

Partner with Philoptochos to continue its outstanding Philanthropic outreach. 

The Center is critical for Philoptochos to expand our philanthropic outreach and critical services to the underprivileged, to enhance Social Services, and to provide more activities to benefit the Chapters and members and to enhance Social Services. The Center will  serve as the permanent home of the Philoptochos Archives. 

Help Philoptochos preserve its legacy and plan for the future and support our Campaign Strategy II where we need to raise $1.7Million by December 31st

Please respond to our Campaign when you receive the brochure or you are visited by National Board Members.  We will be in touch with Church leaders, each Metropolis and Philoptochos Chapter to help engage our Greek Orthodox community in this major philanthropic undertaking.

Join the team.  Help us “Open the Doors”.

For more information and to receive a donation form, contact National Philoptochos at Philosny@aol.com or go on line to www.philoptochos.org

Click here to make a donation.